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Our day begins with the rising of the radiant sun.  With its warmth, it embraces our specimens, and fills their agility and vigor with energy.

Worthy of the legacy passed on by their ancestors, we are proud of their sublime pace and gait, confirming our judgment in their selection ad training. 

Every new day reminds us of our goal: develop and produce specimens of the highest genetic quality, paying homage to the effort of our parents Olivia Elena Salazar C. (R.I.P.) and Ary Dellmar Alvarez O. (R.I.P.) in honor of whom we have named our breeding ranch.

We thank God for his blessing and for the privilege of forging this legacy, from Panama for the entire world!


Elena Dellmar has been founded by the efforts of the Alvarez Salazar siblings, who have fraternally joined together in a single passion: the constant care and demanding genetic selection of our horses, cultivating with great care the seed of high quality, stemming from recognized colombian paso fino and trocha pura horses decorated specimens.


Our Staff


Our specimens are direct descendants of colombian  champion horses, certified by DNA testing.

Our sperm is imported directly from the best Colombian studs today, such as:  Dulce Sueño de Lusitania, Saleroso de La Luisa, Milenium de La Virgina, Gardel de Ocala, Fantastico de Las Guacas y Galante del 8, among others. 

For their gestation, we provide carefully selected wombs taking into account their qualities including mares descending from Insolito de La Luisa, Virrey de Las Huacas, Astuto de La Luisa, Cacique de Caramanta and Cosaco de La Luisa.



Colombian Paso Fino Horses.

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Elena Dellmar is a registered and active member of the following associations:

Asociación Panameña de Paso Fino

Confederación Internacional
de Caballos de Paso








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Arraiján,  República de Panamá.

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