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Our ranch offers the rental of comfortable stables for your horse(s), including regular maintenance of the supplies for the same during the period contracted. 


  • Bale available permanently (night and day).
  • Rental of manger.
  • Drinkable water (aqueduct).
  • Mineralized salt permanently.
  • Wood shavings (bedding) approximately 40 sacks.
  • Parasite treatment every 60 days (we alternate products).
  • First aid (colic, bruises, scrapes).*
  • Let out for to take in the sun (1 or 2 hours daily Monday through Friday).
  • Shampoo bath on Saturday.
  • Rubber scraper 3 times a week.
  • AIE exam every 3 months.
  • The dung is cleaned out 3 times a day in every manger.
  • One pound of ground oatmeal every morning plus 8 pounds daily of concentrate, in three rations (morning – noon – afternoon).


The rental of each manger and the services and supplies detailed have a monthly cost of US$300.00




The payment of the rental of the stable(s) must be done within the first 10 days of each month.

The detailed price does not include shoeing.  In case it is required it will incur and additional cost to the fixed rental price of US$35.00 (includes an average of one shoeing per month).

Optionally you may hire the services of our professional rider should you require the same. (monthly cost of US$100.00)

IMPORTANT:  * In case of a complication to a housed specimen (complex colic or any other disease which affects the animal), the owner shall be notified immediately so that they may approve the visit and hiring of the services of a veterinarian.


Colombian Paso Fino Horses.

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Elena Dellmar is a registered and active member of the following associations:

Asociación Panameña de Paso Fino

Confederación Internacional
de Caballos de Paso







Nuevo Emperador, Rio Congo.  

Arraiján,  República de Panamá.

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